Stores Day & night

For added comfort in the bedroom or home theater room, choose the Day & Night roller shade.

 Equipped with an opaque fabric and a translucent fabric, this 2-in-1 shade allows you to choose the desired level of privacy by alternating between the two shades. So you can completely block out light to create complete darkness in the room, or let natural light in while maintaining discretion, depending on your needs and time of day.ay & Night.

With this versatile shade, you have complete control over the brightness and privacy of your space. It is perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, offices and other spaces where you want to easily adjust the brightness according to your activities. Take advantage of this Day & Night fabric, the most modular in our range, to create a personalized atmosphere adapted to your daily needs.

Discover the Day & Night canvas: Control your privacy and your brightness!

Take your interior to the next level with the Day & Night canvas! Don't let light and privacy be left to chance. Contact us for a free quote and find out how this 2-in-1 shade can improve your living space.

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