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Our Heating & Air Conditioning division is responsible for the sale, installation and maintenance of our wall-mounted and central heat pumps. Our team of highly qualified technicians are there to respond quickly to your needs, by advising you and installing the most reliable equipment for a comfortable life!

In all major regions!

We are ready to install your heat pump in the major regions of Montreal, Quebec and South Shore!

Innovative solutions

Our innovative solutions help you save money on your electricity bills, while ensuring your comfort at home!

Our products
Wall mounted heat pump

The wall-mounted heat pump includes the installation of a unit on the interior wall and a second unit outside the building. The outdoor unit recovers the air, heats it or cools it and projects it inside the building.​​

Choosing a heat pump means choosing comfort. A heat pump has the same qualities as an air conditioner, but in addition it can heat us in spring, fall and winter down to -30 degrees Celsius. It provides considerable savings in heating mode since its consumption cost is on average 3 times lower than electric baseboard heaters. Air quality is another strength of the heat pump, since unlike electric baseboards, there is no drying of the ambient air.

Like an air conditioner, the heat pump in cooling mode has the effect of lowering the humidity level in your home. The humidity present in the air is extracted by a natural effect, which is called "condensation phenomenon". This phenomenon occurs between the contact of moist air and the indoor coil. The indoor coil being cold allows condensation, much like the bottom of the windows of your home in winter.

Central heat pump

The central heat pump includes an outdoor unit that is connected to an indoor ventilation system. The air will come out through the ventilation hatches in each room of the building. The central heat pump offers better performance since the systems are dispersed in each room of the house.

We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled service through our commitment to quality.

We are the ideal partner to optimize the energy consumption of your home and make it more comfortable.


They trusted us

Superb company! Clean, courteous, professional, quality and at a good fair price. I am completely satisfied with the work they did. I will definitely call them in the future. Thank you so much!

Christina Savoy

A professional team, meticulous people who know what they are doing. I highly recommend them! great service

– Marie-Pier Bastien


I called Groupe SOMA to change my heat pump. They are excellent, they sell high quality products. The dates and times were respected, a great punctuality. Highly recommend. 

– Danny Paterson

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