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Duct cleaning plays a vital role in the air quality of your environment in order to maintain a healthy home and building. Impurities can build up in your ductwork over time and contaminate the air in your living space, which can greatly affect your health, comfort, and the well-being of your family and employees. By having your ducts cleaned regularly by our experts, you help guarantee the purity of your interior spaces, reduce energy costs, maximize the life of your appliances and reduce unwanted odors.

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We are ready to install your heat pump in the major regions of Montreal, Quebec and South Shore!

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Our team is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to eliminate all bacteria found in your ducts.

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Our residential cleanings
Central system

The cleaning of your central system is essential in the quality of the air in your home. It is important to significantly reduce the amount of allergens, mold and eliminate dust in order to improve the airflow of your heating/ventilation system and also reduce your energy costs. At Groupe Soma, each project deserves our full attention, regardless of its size. Our team makes sure to use the best equipment adapted to your needs in order to thoroughly clean and disinfect your system properly.


An efficient air exchanger must completely renew the air inside the house and regulate its humidity level. Cleaning on a regular basis ensures that your system remains efficient and in perfect condition. Our certified experts use the pulse-suction method, highly renowned for its effectiveness, which ensures 99.7% of the ducts are cleaned optimally. We have high efficiency filters (HEPA 99.7%) which avoid the distribution of contaminants present in the outside air.

We offer a personalized ventilation duct cleaning service; every contract, no matter how small, deserves our full attention and attention to detail and quality.


Whether your wall unit is used for air conditioning, heating or both, it is essential to clean it on a regular basis in order to increase its optimal efficiency. The accumulation of dust, dirt, mold and fungus in the fan is one of the main causes of breakage such as lack of fresh air, noise at start-up, frost accumulation and water flow.

Dryer ducts and others

Le conduit de votre sécheuse accumule beaucoup de fibres et poussières, ce qui provoque son obstruction. Si vous décelez un problème de temps de séchage ou que le dessus de votre appareil est trop chaud, c’est sûrement que le conduit d’évacuation est bloqué. Le nettoyage peut réduire les risques d’incendies de façon significative, prolonger la durée de vie de votre appareil et réduire les coûts d’électricité.

Nous offrons aussi le nettoyage des ventilateurs de salle de bain ainsi que les hottes de cuisine.

for your well-being

Our commercial cleanings
Central system

Since commercial/institutional ventilation ducts are in continuous operation, it is crucial to clean diligently in order to promote the health of your employees and customers. We adapt to all the specific needs of our customers regardless of their size. Our competitive prices, respect for the rules specific to each workplace and the planning of the work in close collaboration with the manager make us the experts in commercial and institutional cleaning.

Our state-of-the-art equipment, including camera duct inspection, ensures excellent professional quality service.

Kitchen hood - catering

Kitchen hoods are in constant use so soot and grime can build up quickly and contribute to the accumulation of smoke in the environment. This can cause unsanitary working conditions and potentially create health hazards for your customers and employees. We are IKECA certified in accordance with the NFPA96 standard to ensure professional cleaning with complete peace of mind.

Did you know that maintaining your ducts allows you to reduce your energy bill?

We are the ideal partner to optimize the energy consumption of your environment, in addition to providing clean air to your family members and employees.


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Fast and courteous service! They contacted me the same day and then the price is affordable and they work very well. I recommend them without hesitation.

– Linda Laforest

Very good communication and good flexibility. The corner of the wall unit was not easy to clean since it is fixed above stairs. Cleaning the heat pump outside too. Satisfied with the work done, the air conditioning works great. THANKS!

– Kenny Oshima

A professional team, meticulous people who know what they are doing. I highly recommend them! great service

Marie-Pier Bastien

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